Test Rounds
Following the initial test round, we gained valuable insights that led to several crucial improvements to our wavemaker. Adjustments were made to enhance the quality of the waves and improve the surfing experience. These works took place in January and enabled us to continue with the testing phase in February.

Compared to December we generated higher waves and longer rides.. Additionally, we are actively fine-tuning the wave to ensure a broader range of boards can be used. All of this is being done with a systematic approach, carefully evaluating all parameters like speed, acceleration, water depth, etc.

Wavepool Sales
Potential customers who are interested in purchasing a wavepool are welcome to come to our R&D pool in The Hague. This is a crucial part of 247Waves’ business plan. So far, we have received interest from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and beyond Europe.

At the same time, we are actively seeking new investors to finance the next phase of SurfPool. The costs and efforts associated with developing such an innovative project are significant.

Let’s make waves!