The waves in our wave pools will provide you with the same feeling of surfing in the ocean: you will have to paddle in to the wave which will come from behind you. You will have to choose your point of entering the wave (catching the wave) and surfing on it, all on your own board, just like you do in the ocean. Developing your skills from the white water to surfing down the line to get ready for your air or hang ten, are you ready?


24/7Waves developed a novel, energy-efficient wave pool technology. The pool provides waves from low crumbling beginner to barrelling waves to challenge progressive riders. To maximise surfer enjoyment:

  • The surfer chooses each wave from the wave menu, eliminating the need to schedule the sessions by skill set.
  • Only one surfer rides the waves at a time, eliminating the risk of collision with other surfers.
  • The surfer rides both left and right hand waves, improving their overall surfing skill.

As the Wavemaker Technology and design provides an easy scalable concept in regards to footprint, wave height, length, features and symmetry, we will work with you to provide the best surf experience for your customers.

 247Waves constructed a 70m long by 17.5m long single wave Proof-Of-Concept (POC) pool in the Hague called SurfPoel, that will offer 120 waves per hour, wave height up to 1.0 m and ride times up to 9  seconds. The POC made it’s first waves in december 2023. 


The 24/7Waves technology may be easily incorporated into multi-functional buildings, waterparks, and amusement parks or be constructed as a standalone facility. 247waves offers different model pools, with the benefits including: 

  1. The pool is able to be installed into an existing building as an above-ground facility, minimising the build time. Alternatively, it may be built in the ground.
  2. The pool models include single-wave rectangular pools, double-sided, two-wave rectangular and circular pools with two or more waves.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we can build both inside and outside, above or in the ground. With a building time shorter then most concepts we will help make sure you will be able to welcome your first customers soon.

The Wavemaker technology is adjustable to your specific business and area requirements.

The wave itself can be adjusted in height and shape from low crumbling beginner waves to barreling waves to challenge progressive riders. Consistent rolling waves or ocean like ‘sets’ can all be created.

As the Wavemaker Technology and design provides an easy scalable concept  and possible to incorporate in different concepts we are flexible in the implementation of our wavepool. If you fill in our inquiry form we can contact you to explore the possiblities. 

If you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.