We spoke with one of our ambassadors, Pepijn Tigges, about why he is so enthusiastic about the arrival of the SurfPool. Pepijn has been competing in the Dutch top for years and travels around the world to score good waves with the aim of becoming the best surfer he can be.

Pepijn: “Whether you are a novice or advanced surfer, the Surf Pool is perfect for you. Because every wave is always the same, you can focus on what you want to learn and because the conditions are controlled you can learn to surf safely. No problems with choppy waves or strong currents caused by strong wind.

A SurfPool provides a lot of benefits for every surfer. Surfers normally spend hours looking at the weather forecasts and staring at the webcams. This is a thing of the past when the SurfPool opens. What we are often accustomed to in the Netherlands is that we have to wait weeks for a good swell, so your development is stopped. The SurfPool is the ideal solution to continue working on your top turn or your first air. When swell finally comes in or you go on holiday to the waves you can immediately put your newly learned skills into practice. ”

Photo: Robin Bakker