Dear riders of the Surfpool,
First of all, thank you very much for your enthusiastic support!

On a daily basis we receive e-mails with the question whether we need extra help the construction. The fact that everyone is so involved and enthusiastic gives us a lot of positive energy and shows how alive the Dutch surfscene is. The realisation of the first ever Surfpool in the Netherlands is getting closer. Are you ready for perfect surf every day?

In recent times we have been working hard on the construction and all the preparations around it. We’ve committed ourselves to an ambitious goal to open this year because we want to build the first wave pool in the Netherlands. The construction process with such a new project remains unpredictable in certain areas, but all developments are positive. We now have a better view of the rest of the construction period and the goal is to have the first waves in Q1 of 2019.



The Surfpool will be your surf hang-out and test center. That includes a cool logo!
The mix of the industrial hall and old-school surf atmosphere has been our inspiration for the Surfpool logo. The logo was created together with the design company “We-are-amp” at the Binckhorst.

Why is the Surfpool so unique?
The Surfpool is a unique concept in the wavepool market. Our goal is to make the Surfpool the most sustainable wave pool in the world. We want to achieve this by: reusing materials, using sustainable materials, a shorter construction time and less energy consumption during the generation of waves. The Surfpool will also be used to conduct further research into this sustainability.


After completing the crowdfunding, we started the construction process. Of the total 3000 surf hours there are still surf hours left. Because we do not open in this calendar year, we want to give you the opportunity to buy surfing hours until the official opening of the Surfpool in Q1 2019. No crowdfunding rewards anymore, but only surfing hours and surf coaching. Do you want to give a very special Christmas present this year? Click on the button next to the video on www.247waves.com and score those surf hours.

Do you have any questions about the surfing hours or do you know what is possible in terms of groups? Send us a message on social media and we’ll respond as quick as we can.



Having good partnerships is very important for 24/7Waves. These important partners are architects, constructors, engineers but also shapers of surfboards and producers of wetsuits and skateboards for example. In the upcoming period, we want to introduce you to the wonderful companies we’re working with to create the perfect surfspot and to ensure progress and fun in surfing the Surfpool.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!