Mirna Boelsma is one of the 24/7Waves ambassadors, reigning Dutch champion surfing and she also gives surfcoaching. Surfcoaching will soon be possible in the Surf Pool and we were curious about her opinion on this topic.

Mirna: “Giving surfcoaching in the SurfPool is unique, you can really teach people the technique of surfing.” Learning to surf in a wave pool is very controlled compared to the ocean and the wave can be adjusted to the respectful level of the surfer. Just as in the sea, a beginner surfer starts working in the outskirts of the wave and when ready they go a step further to a steeper and higher wave. For the advanced surfer a steeper and thicker wave can be generated so that the real turns and tricks can be practiced, even the pro can practice a trick again and again because the wave is exactly the same and train to perfect his turns. ”

“Furthermore, a surf lesson looks exactly the same in my eyes as in the sea but much more structured. You can go deeper into the technique of each surfer and feedback is given more often because you are always in the focus of the teacher and do not drift away by the current. The surf instructors can also keep a better overview of their students than in the ocean. ”

“The big question is, of course, whether the learned surf skills translate to the waves in the ocean. When I look at the people who have often surfed in a wave pool, like Rick Vlek for example, this is absolutely no problem. More and more national teams are now also training in wave pools in the run-up to the Olympic Games in 2020 and other major competitions. That is of course because they can train everyday, all day, with the same exact waves. The ocean does change every second and no wave is the same. People who have learned to surf in the SurfPool will have no experience with the ocean. Nor have they yet experienced the dangers of the sea, such as the sudden emergence of a rip current, changing weather conditions and tidal current. But those who have already mastered their technical (basic) skills will ultimately only feel more comfortable in the sea and can pay attention to more than just standing op.”

“I do believe that the SurfPool will be a very important addition to surfing in the Netherlands! It will not replace surfing at sea, but offers a solution if there are no waves or the circumstances are not surfable. There can simply be surfed every day! Hopefully it will be here soon!! ”

Thanks for your time Mirna and we look forward to surfing with you and receiving tips from you!

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