Crowdfunding SurfPoel

Are you ready to surf whenever you want, no matter the swell or onshore wind? We are, and together with you we would like to make this happen: the first wave pool (SurfPoel) from 24/7Waves in the Netherlands is coming!

Crowdfunding funded - 877 supporters - €100K+


The crowdfunding was a success and we are in the middle of our building process. Until that time we still have surfing hours available in the Surfpool. Click below for more information.

About 24/7 Waves

 Wave pools go as far back as the 19th Century, as famous fantasy castle builder King Ludwig of Bavaria electrified a lake to create breaking waves. 100 years later the technology has developed so much, that we are now able to produce 2 meter high perfect breaking waves.

24/7 Waves is a passion driven company that makes it as easy as possible to build wave pools. We make the dream of surfing perfect was 24/7 happen, from dream to reality!  We are dedicated to provide Europe with perfect waves through the world’s best wave generating machines so everyone can surf a perfect wave everyday!
247/ Waves is specialized in developing wave pool concepts and operating surf parks throughout Europe. Currently we are working on different project in Northern Europe.

World class waves, suitable for all ages and levels, located in a sustainable and safe environment. We make it possible.

Do you want a wave? Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Our team

24/7 Waves consists of a multidisciplinary team of surf-minded professionals. The backgrounds of our team members are very broad. We have professional experience in finance, sport management, legal, communication, marketing, tech, sustainability and information management. Together, we are devoted to achieve our common goal: creating perfect waves every day!

Joeri Fredriks Managing Director
Jeroen den Otter Managing Director
Andy Woodcock Product Designer
Andre van Schaik Sales & Marketing
Ruben Tienhooven Business Development
Pepijn Tigges Business Development
Arjan van den Steenhoven Legal Advisor
Jelle Blok Public Affairs
Erwin Sengers Advisor
Rocco Lentze Advisor
Will Sproncken Advisor
Robert de Roode Surfacademy Advisor